Vito Sputnik

Vito Sputnik

Vito Sputnik
Vito Sputnik
Rosario, Argentina

We are Vito Sputnik, an argentinian tango duet, with a small but strong formation: bandoneón and piano.

Our repertoire is orientated to dancers, and pays tribute to the early tangos of the legendary Orquestas típicas,  stretching across decades to more modern compositions. That’s correct, our spaceship also travels through time.

Since forming in 2011 we have performed extensively around Argentina, including the First Tango Independent Festival, and the Metropolitano Festival, in Rosario. We were invited to play in Campinas Universtity, Brazil, alongside our friend, singer and flautist Lucila Priotti. We have also been invited to take part in the Bandoneon Festival in Chapecó, Brazil.

Agustina now lives in Ireland and Ernesto in Argentina, but the ocean in between doesn’t stop us developing our music, and we are now ready to fire up the spaceship again!

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Vito Sputnik

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