Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman
Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman, a dedicated and creative tango dancer, DJ and teacher. His solid understanding of tango dance and music comes from over 15 years dancing experience and numerous lessons taken from world renowned tango masters such as Gustavo Naveira, Javier Rodrigues, Sebastian Arce, Horacio Godoy, Chicho Frumboli etc.

Over the years, he has organised tango events and offered both private and group lessons to dancers in Scotland. His passion and teaching quality also inspired a lot of students at the Strathcyde University Tango Society.

Michael particularly likes golden age tango music and his favorite orchestra is Di Sarli. His DJing style is traditional but he is keen to explore new tango orchestras as well. Michael has been invited to DJ at various events in Scotland, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Linlithgow and Stirling, etc. Contributing to a satisfying and beautiful tango night has always been his goal when DJing.

DJ, Teacher
Glasgow, UK
29 June 2022

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Michael Freedman

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