Bennie Bartels
London, UK

Bennie connects 30 years of KNOWLEDGE in dancing, living, teaching, Feldenkrais and performing with the COURAGE to invent, to QUESTION and to innovate. To connect with people on a very basic and HUMAN level.

This means he is able to teach tango as a dance both at a high technical level and also as a way of BEING, a way to COMMUNICATE and a way to ENCOUNTER our deeper selves in this world of constant TRANSITION.
 Say farewell to non-sensical conventions and hello to the strong boundaries that set us free, create safety and make us creative so we can stay alive.

To find the true tango has always to do with finding one’s authenticity through the proces of experiment, asking the right questions, allowing yourself to fail and fail better, to create a space where you can feel safe and vulnerable so you can learn on a deeper level than just trying to be right.
Bennie can help you with that, open up spaces and insights in this incredibly rich and expansive dance you were not aware off.
For 30 years he has tried to stay with the questions without defining the answers. To stay within the proces and flow and not to hold on to an end product or right answer. It has provided him with an enormous richness, joy and satisfaction that is still expanding to this day.

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Edinburgh Tango Society | 01 Apr 2024

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