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I have been a tango teacher since 2001 and I’ve taught all over Scotland. I focus on technique and connection to create that beautiful feeling when you dance. In my group classes (my classes over summer and those I do for the EUTS) everyone leads and every one follows, this creates equality between dancers and allows conversation and understanding.

Balanceo Shoes

I am a seller of Balanceo shoes, one of the best brands in the world. There are shoes for women and men, which are so comfortable you’ll never go back!


I have been playing music for the various milongas and practices in Edinburgh for many years now. I do what is asked, be it traditional golden age, a night of alternative or the perfect mix!


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New to tango?

If you are thinking of learning Argentine Tango join one of our beginners classes in Edinburgh and give it a try! Tango is not only one of the most beautiful close embrace dances there is but you will also join a warm and friendly community of dancers who regularly meet to dance and socialise in Edinburgh.

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