Edinburgh University Tango Society

Edinburgh University Tango Society

Edinburgh University Tango Society

Practicas and classes in Edinburgh.



Edinburgh University Tango Society welcomes everyone interested in tango or just interested in discovering a new fun style of dance. Tango is extremely elegant and passional, but it can also be playful and vibrant. It is a dance that puts a lot of emphasis on developing a deep connection between partners which is the basis of any beautiful dance. Do not worry if you are a beginner or if you have very little experience! It is very easy to learn the basics and once you do, you can improvise your way through the romantic rhythms of tango music. However, there is always more to learn as you can always improve something in your tango technique to eventually master the dance.

Booking is required to attend events. Visit our Facebook page to book.


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Recently: ETS is moving to Marchmont St Giles during the Edinburgh Festival in August!



Edinburgh Tango Society is joined by several local and national groups who are working together to support our community of tango dancers, teachers and DJs in Edinburgh. Learn more about us and find out what’s on!

Edinburgh University Tango Society

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