Edinburgh Tango Society

Edinburgh Tango Society

Edinburgh Tango Society

Milongas, classes and workshops in Edinburgh.



The Edinburgh Tango Society was formed in October 1997 to promote Tango in Edinburgh and beyond. It is organised
by volunteers on a non-profit basis and is funded by its own activities.

Activities carried out by ETS are

  • provision of practicas (practice sessions)
  • organising regular social dances,
  • supporting/promoting other tango related activities within the Edinburgh community supporting
  • promoting classes organised by local dance studios
  • arrangement of visits by international Tango teachers
  • arrangement of special Tango related events, for example talks, live music, away weekends
  • disseminate information via newsletters, a web site and facebook
  • consult regularly with local and international members of the Tango community.


Argentine Tango Dancers


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Recently: ETS is moving to Marchmont St Giles during the Edinburgh Festival in August!



Edinburgh Tango Society is joined by several local and national groups who are working together to support our community of tango dancers, teachers and DJs in Edinburgh. Learn more about us and find out what’s on!

Edinburgh Tango Society

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