Tango Workshops with Bennie Bartels and Jessie Kennedy 04 May 2024
Sat, 04 May 2024 @ 11:00hrs → 16:15hrs Ended
Dance Studio, Inch Community Education Centre, Edinburgh, EH16 5UF – Map
1 x Workshop - £20             2 x Workshops - £38               3 x Workshops - £55

About this event

We are delighted to bring Bennie Bartels back to Edinburgh for a series of Tango and Feldenkrais Workshops. You are welcome to meet Bennie and Jessie at the Tuesday Counting House Practica and Milonga on the 30th April and we hope to see you at the workshops on Saturday the 4th May in the Dance Studio at the Inch Community Education Centre. Bennie will also be available for private lessons during the week. Workshops can be attended singly (especially the Feldenkrais workshop), however we recommend attending all three workshops to give you time to explore the concepts introduced.

Feldenkrais workshop for Tango

The workshops will start at 11:00am on Saturday with an introduction to Feldenkrais for tango dancers. Feldenkrais is a somatic practice that harnesses mindful attention and gentle movement to heighten awareness of ourselves and our sensations. Bennie will show how this approach can improve the connection and communication between partners dancing tango.

Bennie explains “how we say tango is about embrace, connection, expression, emotion and intension, in other words tango is about the ‘Movement Within’. Yet these are the things we least get to grip with and as a result mainly focus on the ‘movement without’ – the steps, the motion in space. The movement of the ‘intention’, that subtle movement before the actual step takes place, is where all the communication and connection in the couple takes place, the moment where both leader and follower meet and ‘own’ the step on an equal basis. It is the place where you ground, find musicality, improvisation and play and where both the leader and follower can influence the step. It is the place where the steps and figures we do become truly tango and truly satisfying. How to recognise this moment, how to organise it in its specific timing and organisation, in other words how to develop the tools and the technique to understand this is what brings most people back to tango, to find that quality of intension and connection that can make you fly.
Feldenkrais is an enormously fitting tool for this, as it gives you a very clear and concrete insight in how movement and force travel through our bodies. How to act as ‘One’ as a whole and not think in parts or isolation. How to use your senses to guide and reflect on your technique where it connects to feeling, emotion, direction and function. Feldenkrais is not about right or wrong, but about knowing what you do, about options and possibilities and how to be effective, light and yet very present and clear, using your weight. I will teach a Feldenkrais lesson with the theme ‘the pelvic engine’, how the pelvis area is our guiding centre from where we ground and guide.”

No experience (nor partner) needed.

Tango Workshops

The second and third workshops with Bennie and Jessie commencing at 12:30 and 14:30 respectively will explore the communication in tango between partners through focussing on Ochos, Giros and Saccadas and Wraps.
We will explore how to work with intension, find a connection that supports balance, timing, flow, dynamics and grounding. It is here that we then find the moments where to play, to improvise and influence the dance as leader or follower and find different connections to the music.

The tango workshops will be Open level and will provide something for dancers of all levels except complete beginners.

How to book

Contact Jessie Kennedy to book a place in the workshops and make payment.



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