Practica Makes Perfect – teacher Ani supported practice sessions 26 May 2023
Fri, 26 May 2023 @ 19:00hrs → 20:00hrs Ended
Lower Hall, Saint Martins Community Resource Centre (SMCRC), 232 Dalry Road, EH11 2JG – Map

About this event

Practica Makes Perfect sessions are the ideal environment to practice those moves and techniques you’d like to incorporate into your social dancing. Be it new moves from class, or those you’d love to dance if only you had the confidence, or those you find crop up on the dance floor that you’ve never had the chance to explore in-depth. Our weekly Friday evening intensive Practica are supported by teacher Ani Tchakmakdjian, on hand to help you perfect any aspects of your Tango that interests you. Wether you come once, occasionally or regularly this is a great way to exploit the expertise of an experience Tango practitioner.

You will develop your quality Practice in leading. following and musicality, in a friendly, encouraging, safe space, where you can get as much input from this highly trained Dancer Teacher as you could possibly want. It’s quality practice that makes perfect and these sessions are the place to do it!

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