Milonga del Viernes 02 Aug 2024
Fri, 02 Aug 2024 @ 20:00hrs → 23:45hrs
Pilrig St Pauls Church, Pilrig Street, Leith EH6 5AH – Map
£8.00 (or £5.00 for students)

About this event


Hola lovely tango dancers!

Milonga del Viernes , is a monthly milonga held on the first Friday of each month and organized by the Tango del Jueves team. We aim to bring you a lovely evening of tango and community where the relaxed atmosphere promotes warm embraces, friendly chat and lovely dances! Oh! And teas, coffees and snacks!!

Due to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival our usual hall is being used as a festival venue. Thankfully, we have managed to  secure the hall used by Jenny & Ricardo Oria: Pilrig St Pauls Church, Pilrig Street, Leith EH6 5AH.

John Porterfield is our DJ

We look forward to welcoming all levels of tango dancers


Place: Pilrig St Pauls Church, Pilrig Street, Leith EH6 5AH

Time: 8.00-11.45 pm

Entry Fee: £8.00 (Students £5) pay at door – cash and card payments now accepted

Snacks and water will be provided but feel free to bring your own favourite tipple! 😉

Looking forward to seeing you all for another lovely evening of tango, chat and friends!


Kim, Douglas, Duncan, Sheila, Liz, Lindi and Harvey

AKA the Tango del jueves team

Whilst there are no legal covid requirements required we still aim to try keep everyone safe and healthy as possible and so we ask that you consider the following:
* Should you feel unwell in any way, cold symptoms, headache etc, please do not attend. Get well and keep others safe.
* Please use the available hand sanitizers or wash your hands regularly. We hope you understand.

Who’s who?

Meet the teachers, DJ’s and everyone supporting this event.

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