ETS Sunday Milonga with bandeon player Carlos Quilici 09 Jul 2023
Sun, 09 Jul 2023 @ 19:00hrs → 23:00hrs Ended
The Counting House, 34 West Nicolson Street, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9DD – Map

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Tonight we have an old friend of Edinburgh milonga scene, Carlos Quilici, joining us with his faithful bandoneon, to play a few tandas for us dancers. We look forward to seeing you there!


Native of Arroyo Seco (Santa Fe) based in Rosario, Argentina.
In the field of tango, he is bandoneon player, arranger, composer and teacher at the Music School of the National University of Rosario. He features, among other formations:  bandoneon soloist; duo of bandoneon and guitar with Martín Tessa; quintet, since 1995, as a bandoneon player, director and arranger of “Los Tauras”; and since 2010 he also has his own tango orchestra “Orquesta de Carlos Quilici”.

He has accompanied a large number of singers.

Among others, he has studied with Marcelo Bomprezzi, Lucho González, Juan Carlos Cirigliano, Omar Torres, Rodolfo Mederos, Domingo Federico and Rodolfo “Cholo” Montironi.

In addition to training with those masters, it is worth mentioning the tango legacy from his father, Gerardo Quilici, a great connoisseur and possessor of a large collection of all types of tango material, and a diffuser of it, mainly since 1969 in his program radial “A todo tango”

He has made more than 40 international tours in Europe, America and Asia.

Has recorded five CDs with “Los Tauras”, one with “Orquesta de Carlos Quilici”,  one double “Bandoneon solo” album, one with Domingo Federico and participated in many others.

He took a postgraduate course in “Social and Political History of Tango” at FLACSO with Gustavo Varela. He is the academic coordinator of the “International Diploma in Tango” soon to be held at the UNR (National University of Rosario)

On the other hand, he develops workshops about “Technical elements of tango” and “Tango interpretation” for musicians or students, as well workshops about musicality for tango dancers. He makes tunes and repairs bandoneons.

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