Damian Thompson Residency with Ani Tchakmakdjian Workshops Day 2 09 Sep 2023
Sat, 09 Sep 2023 @ 13:30hrs → 16:45hrs Ended
Saint Martins Community Resource Centre, 232 Dalry Road, Edinburgh EH11 2JG – Map
£21 each or £76 for the all 4 workshops package

About this event

Workshops Day 2 of this exciting 10 day NE residency with Damian Thompson and Ani Tchakmakdjian continues with ‘surprises’ as the overall theme to bring you 2 more great workshops. You are welcome whatever your level and experience to any one or both. Damian is a master at delivering mixed level sessions that challenge and delight and you do not need to attend with a partner. He is being supported by our own Edinburgh based Ani who has been collaborating and teaching with Damian now for almost ten years. A great combination!

Firstly from 1.30pm – 3.00pm we have ‘Interrupting T’he Giro and Molinete’. This elegant classical sequence of steps at the very core of Tango provides endless opportunities for beautiful phrasing within your dance. Experience some of Damian’s chosen options to embrace into your own.

Then from 3.15pm – 4.45pm ‘Surprise Enganches’. Smooth delicious hooks that move seamlessly through your walk, which feel exquisitely connected, are always a treat for any follower to receive and move through. They are in essence a gentle and deeply satisfying surprise. Come and explore some Enganches options.

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