Argentine Tango Workshops with Julio Mendez and Jessie Kennedy 08 Jul 2023
Improver, Intermediate, Advanced
Sat, 08 Jul 2023 @ 11:00hrs → 15:30hrs Ended
Inch House, 225 Gilmerton Road, Edinburgh EH16 5UF – Map
£20 per workshop (Students £15 per workshop)

About this event

We are delighted to welcome Julio Mendez back in Edinburgh for a whirlwind weekend of tango workshops (and practicas, milongas, performances and maybe even some singing) after some 20 years. Some of you may know him from his visits in the past! Julio and Jessie invite you to join them at Inch House (see map below) on Saturday 08 July 2023 for a day of learning and practising tango.

About the workshops

These two workshops are part of a series of workshops Julio is teaching throughout his current tour of Europe celebrating 30 years with tango. The workshops are some special movements that he developed from the memories of the old tango teachers from the early 90s: Mingo Pugliese, Raul Bravo, Eduardo Arginbao, Pepito Avellaneda, Toto Faraldo y Omar Vega.

Workshop schedule

11:00 – 12:30
Workshop 1: Mingo and Ester Pugliese’s giro.
The 8 positions and variations.

12:30 -13:00
Guided practica with Julio and Jessie.
Time to embed what you just learned!

13:00 to 13:30
Short break for lunch.
There is Cameron Toll shopping center (10min walk). Or Bridgend Cafe (5min walk). But we recommend bringing a picnic if the weather is fine! Inch Park is really lovely this time of year.

13:30 – 15:00
Workshop 2: Mingo and Ester Pugliese’s la cadena.
Simple ganchos for milonga.

15:00 -15:30
Guided practica with Julio and Jessie.
Time to embed what you just learned!

How to book

Spaces are limited so you will need to book and pay for the workshops in advance. Send a message with your name and the workshop/s you wish to attend. We will provide you with bank details to make payment.


Text/WhatsApp/Signal: Jessie ‭+44 7974 948703‬

About Inch House

Inch House is a beautiful old tower house built in the 16th/17th centuries and set in a magnificent surrounding park. Extended in the 1890s by the architects MacGibbon and Ross, Inch House retains much of its original character and many interesting historical and architectural features. Visit for more information.

We will be in the Great Hall (up a sweeping staircase to the first floor) a bright and airy room with a wooden floor and views of the park all around.

Getting to Inch House

Buses 33, 24, 38 and 49 all stop at Bridge End bus stop. Its a 5min walk to Inch House.

If you are driving there are free parking spaces right outside Inch House.

Private tango lessons with Julio Mendez

Julio is available for private lessons Sunday 09 July, Monday 10 July and Tuesday 11 July. Message Jessie (+44 7974 948703‬) for details and to arrange a lesson.

Join us for the whole weekend!

Thursday 06 July to Tuesday 11 July is a weekend packed with milongas, practicas, workshops, live music, singing and performances in Edinburgh. It would be great to see you there!

Thursday 06 July:
Tango del Jueves Practica

Friday 07 July:
Tango del Viernes Milonga

Saturday 08 July Day:
Tango Workshops with Julio Mendez and Jessie Kennedy (you are here)

Saturday 08 July Night:
Milonga Carousel with performance by Julio Mendez and Jessie Kennedy

Sunday 09 July
ETS Sunday Milonga with bandeon player Carlos Quilici

Tuesday 11 July
ETS Tuesday Milonga with tango singer Julio Mendez

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