Ani’s Dance Base Foundation upward Class & Practica 11 May 2024
Class, Practica
Beginner, Open
Sat, 11 May 2024 @ 15:30hrs → 17:00hrs Ended
Grass market, Edinburgh – Map
COURSE BOOKING £130/120 concession till 4 May, DROP IN £15/13 concession OR 10 CLASS PASS £135/120 concession

About this event

This 10 week course or drop in to Ani’s classes in Scotlands purpose built National Dance Centre are Tango made easy. They are fun and social and will give you everything you need to begin and develop your endlessly fascinating Tango journey with a solid foundation. Equipping you to enjoy dancing anywhere and with anyone, with confidence and panache.  The first hour will give you all the commonly repeated simple basic moves and techniques, knitted into a plethora of wonderful phrases. Followed by Practica or practice time to apply them to improvised dancing, where you get to develop your own style within the dance, making the next step into social dancing seamless. And there’s a wide choice of social dance events to keep you on your toes.

These classes are perfect for beginners, though as every Tango dancer knows it’s how well you do the basics that governs the quality and scope of your dancing. So we welcome any level, including those who want to role swop and those who wish to stick with one partner. However, of course in keeping with the social aspect of Tango come with or without a partner as we have plenty of swapping partners during the duration of class.

To find out more about class, please feel free to contact Ani and to book please contact the very welcoming Dance Base reception team or visit their website at

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If you are thinking of learning Argentine Tango join one of our beginners classes in Edinburgh and give it a try! Tango is not only one of the most beautiful close embrace dances there is but you will also join a warm and friendly community of dancers who regularly meet to dance and socialise in Edinburgh.

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